It may surprise you to know that pizza gets eaten an estimated five million times a year. It may also surprise you to know that it's not all by us at Foodism (although we do our best to make as big a dent as we can).

We're continuing in that vein early next year – on Friday 9 February, we're throwing the nation's biggest celebration of pizza, with hundreds, if not thousands, of pizzerias in London and all around the UK offering 30% discounts on pizza, as well as one-off specials, from high-street chains you know to independent restaurants you might not.

National Pizza Day 2017

The key info

If you want to come to the event on 8 February, you'll find the link to buy tickets at £15 gets you entry and two drinks.

More than 400 restaurants around the UK are already in – if you run a restaurant and want to get involved, all you need to do is head to the website, where you’ll find all the information you need to sign up.

And if you're London-based, we've got more good news: the night before, on Thursday 8 February, we're putting on a shindig of our own at Street Feast's Hawker House, a massive converted warehouse and night market in Canada Water.

We'll be joined by 1,500 hungry guests and some of London's premier pizzaiolos, all of whom will be there to celebrate this god among foods.

To say we're excited for the inaugural National Pizza Day is an understatement – and we're sure you are too. We'll see you at Hawker House in February. Come hungry.

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